Volt and Fast : First Class Challenge

March 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019

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To open up the season, the Indonesian sportswear label, Volt and Fast and the performance tracker app, STRAVA have joined forces to launch a collaboration project in the form of digital challenge and an exclusive product release; Volt and Fast x STRAVA racing cap.

The collaboration is launched with a mutual ambition to enable more runners to achieve their personal best wherever they are through the app. Taking inspirations from Volt and Fast's tight-knitted community of urban runners, the Volt and Fast First Class challenge invites all runners to clock in 100 km within one month where top 15 runners on the leaderboard will get an exclusive Volt and Fast x STRAVA racing cap that is limited to runners in Indonesia as well as a limited edition First Class badge for everyone.

To join the challenge, runner needs to download the STRAVA app on Google Play or Apple App Store, join the Volt and Fast club as a member, and complete the available Challenge.

Volt and Fast First Class

Ikuti challenge ini dan dapatkan ‘First Class’ badge serta raih kesempatan untuk memenangkan sebuah race cap exclusive Strava x Volt and Fast!

Cara dan ketentuan:

1. Gabung sebagai anggota Volt and Fast club.

2. Lari sebanyak 100 km dalam satu bulan dengan menggunakan aplikasi Strava.

3. 15 pelari dengan jumlah km tertinggi dari masing-masing kategori pria dan wanita akan mendapatkan race cap Strava x Volt and Fast.

4. Race cap Strava x Volt and Fast hanya dikhususkan untuk seluruh pelari yang berdomisili di Indonesia.

5. Pengumuman akan disampaikan setiap bulannya di Volt and Fast Club.

Selamat berlari!

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